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Getting your binocular specifications right can make all the difference to a bird watcher – to get the most of the experience, you have to use the right tools to get the results that you want.

To find the right binoculars, you have to have some technical knowledge of binoculars.
Knowing how a pair of binoculars function is a great help when you are trying to choose the right one.
When you get your binoculars, you will get a lot of numbers staring at you. The most important ones relate to the magnifying power of the binoculars and its light-gathering capacity. It’s quite simple – if the specification is 8 x 10, what you see when you look through the lens will be eight times the original size, and the aperture of the binoculars will be 10 mm – this puts a number on the light-gathering capacity of the binoculars.

Knowing what the numbers stand for is not enough – you have to know what specification of binoculars will be right for you. Higher magnification might sound good, but it will be easier to hold a lower magnification pair of binoculars steady. For example, an 8 x specification would be great for binoculars for bird watchers.

At this junction, it should be mentioned that binoculars which have a higher magnification power are often more difficult to hold steady. For bird watchers, experts normally recommend an 8 x pair of binoculars rather than a 10 x pair; this is because the higher the magnification the more hand movement there would be.

Furthermore, those that have a higher aperture usually have heavier objective lens. If you wear glasses, it would be a good idea to go for binoculars which have a long eye relief, measurement of about 15 millimeters; this is necessary for obtaining a full view of the object. It is also worth going for a pair of binoculars which has an easy adjustment mechanism.

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