About Birds and Binoculars

Birdsight.com is my site for sharing information and news and reviews of birding tools and equipment or outdoor gear that is of interest to birdwatchers, or birders, or casual backyard birders or just plain bird lovers.

Most important it is to let you know about some fantastic birding binoculars and tips for birdwatching while sharing my experiences as a professional naturalist and long-time birder. Reviews of equipment like binoculars, spotting scopes and outdoor gear are all a part of this site.

Why?  I love birds and birding.

Just being in different habitats with my birding guide and birding binoculars is enough to recharge my batteries from too much time at the computer or stuck in some stressful life situation.

I love being outdoors and enjoying nature.

Birding is a learned activity.

I like to share what I have learned and lived as a professional naturalist and environmental educator.

Birds are diverse creatures. And so are people. Diversity is healthy for ecosystems and for human communities. I love sharing what I have seen and learned.

In our hectic world filled with stress and fast paced living, not many people pay attention to what they have seen. In our town the junior high is now looking for the seven local wonders.This is an attempt to improve the discrepant observation skills of these students. They opened the assignment to the city with an announcement in the paper today.

This is great. It makes people pay attention to things they/we take for granted around us. I think the number of parks or amount of park land in this small city is a wonder, and they are well cared for.  Also, I think we may have more churches per square mile than many other places around. In addition, this town still stands firmly on the dry side of the “wet vs dry” debate regarding whether alcohol can be sold in the city.

For my part, I created an ECourse to help people see more of the world around them by learning  to observe details as birdwatchers.  When we learn about something we can begin to care about it.

It is my own KISS Method of Better Birding ECourse that is available online. I hope several teachers and students participate as part of their cross-curriculum studies program. The Ecourse includes natural history, bird identification, wildlife habitat descriptions, and real field experiences and secret techniques of experienced birders.

The course is FREE.  If I lead this course at the Civic Center(another local wonder) I will  need to charge $67 for it.     What would you pay to have the best birding trip possible?

A LOT more than FREE

~ Joyfully and respectfully your birding companion,



2 Responses to About Birds and Binoculars

  1. Hello,

    I joined a bird club in Michigan and I became a birdwatcher when I was in high school. Now I am 60. Please view my new video.

    Hummingbirds and More Birds

    You may share the video with anyone.

    Warmest wishes,

  2. I own the just-discontinued Zeiss Conquest 8 X 40 T* ABK (which we like a lot), and we are going to add another set of binoculars for the family. Do you have any evaluation, feedback, etc., for the new Zeiss Conquest 8 X 42 HD vs. the “old” Zeiss Conquest 8 X 40 T* ABK? Zeiss seems to have changed the prisms, have lots of verbiage about their coatings, and have produced something smaller and lighter, but are we dealing with the same or better brightness? Are there other differences?

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