Bird Binoculars Reviewed on Vacation

Instead of arguing which bird binoculars are the best, take a look at what birders are actually using. Take a look and talk with the birders. Ask them why they selected the binoculars they purchased. Sometimes it is a matter of price or convenience.

I bought a compact pair of Audubon binoculars (see review below) one summer when I discovered my camera and binoculars were accidentally left on the kitchen table about 900 miles away from my vacation spot.

I also bought a new birding guide for all the shore birds I expected to observe during my trip. (See details below). My time was short and my sources were limited, so I decided to buy the best name brand that was available at the store where I stopped.
Other significant factors weresize and affordability. I had a perceived need for immediate binoculars, so I bought them right then and there. I never did anything like that before. It seemed extravagant but I knew how frustrated I would be without binoculars on this seaside vacation. Now I am glad that I took that leap of faith.

Which bird binoculars did I buy on vacation? You already know why I bought them. Audubon, at that time they were made by Swift. The model I bought then is not readily available now.

  • Who makes them: The closest model is the Audubon Compact made by Sheltered Wings.
  • Who uses them: Popular with casual birders and families and hikers.
  • What are they like: Handy, compact 8X25, lightweight at less than 10 ounces.I liked the smooth center focus which these have too.
  • What are their special features: Versatile and fun, I identified birds and flowers and butterflies. I also used them at a music concert to get a better view of the stage.These work well with eyeglasses and sunglasses too. This model has a focus range as close as 8.5 feet. That is great for those little birds that hide in the grasses and for those flowers just out of range for my hand lens.

. . . I knew I could use both the bird guide and the new bird binoculars even after vacation.

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