Birding in the Black Hills

Traveling in the Black Hills of South Dakota in the fall of the year is a special treat.  Wildlife watching and birding are highlights of the trip through the Black Hills National Forest and Custer State Park.
Count on seeing bison. Prairie dogs. Pronghorn antelope, And more bison. Remember they are wild and dangerous so save your birding for another stop along the road.

Though to be honest, the best sighting for me was a pair of bald eagles circling above a small group of bison and pronghorn antelope off on a side road.Wisely, we stayed inside our vehicle but stopped, turned off the engine and stayed for a while. Rather than disturbing them, we could hear them bison chewing and grunting to each other, paying no attention to us or to the bald eagles.

In the distance, our Black Hills Birding trip was accented by a magpie who just kept flying closer and closer to our stopped vehicle.

It was a magnificent sunny day around forty degrees in November. We had a special memory to bring to the thanksgiving table.We took some photos but not with a digital camera, so I will need to add some photos of bison, bald eagles and magpies to illustrate this report. But that will wait until I return to home base and get the film developed. So come back and see the changes that this site will have soon.
Since everyone else talks about turkey at Thanksgiving time, I shall not. Instead, I will follow this post with a bit of information about the magpie, a stunning black and white bird of the west.

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