Birding on Vacation

The binoculars I am using are Bushnell compact and the previous post described the most similar contemporary model available.

Mine are as old as these Appalachian hills through which I have been winding my way for days. I am loving the mountains as always and again.

Though the last time I went through the Great Smokies, I was not the driver, so maybe I did not notice as keenly how many turns there are in these mountain roads. I took my cousins for a drive and they declare they will not ride with me again. “cowboy” they called me! HMPH!

Meanwhile, I did make some comments about the bird guides I am using during this trip at my other site. So I will not be redundant here.

No earth-shaking birds yet, just regular anticipated fall beauties, turkey vultures, ravens, crows, chickadees, have all been abundant in the forest along with many warblers, some I knew and some I did not have time to identify.

Along the lakeshores, I saw coots, good old reliable coots, sometimes called the chickens of the fresh water lakes. Mallard ducks, great blue herons, black ducks and many turtles sunning on logs. I almost ran over three box turtles one afternoon. The road was too inviting for them.

But I was watching for them and did not do any damage. The last time I stopped and helped on across the road, it turned around and went right back the other way when I put it down again. So this time I just let them keep on walking.

At a blue grass concert it was a delight to listen to the crows responding to the odd instruments below them. We were sitting on the grass watching them and listening to the concert. We were close enough to the front that we did not even need to use our bird binoculars to assist with seeing the star performers.

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