Birding Seasons and Seasonal Stores

All around I see signs of the change of the seasons, even a flock of robins in my front yard as they were heading south.

A friend of mine was telling me about Canada Geese in migration. Soon I will visit the wildlife refuge to see how many ducks have arrived.

And we had a few flurries of snow today.

But it is the stores and the decorations that tell me Halloween and Thanksgiving are behind me now. I was waiting until October to put this post up.

And then I waited a little longer.

This is a concern for me. I do not want to commercialize these holidays. Yet, I do want you to know about places where you can find some really fine gifts for your friends and families. Yes, even bird binoculars or bird guides for the bird lovers on your list. As winter approaches in the north it is time to prepare for serious bird feeding and I have some bird feeders you can enjoy and appreciate as well.

So, instead of waiting to alert you to some possibilities, I am posting this series of small banners to serve as a mini-window shopping experience for you. Also, these sites are either mine or from friends of mine. Right now we only need 2 more sales to be able to move into the next level of sales. Of course that means a tiny bit more commission. And truth be told, that does help pay the bills. I hope you will choose to shop with me this season.Sure, you can give us the boost to the next level if you choose.
Enough words today. Here are the banners to places where I shop too.

. . .

. .

. .
. . .

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