California Condors Video

California Condors are a critically endangered species.
The wildfires in California this summer did have some effect on these huge birds. Though they survived, they also had some help. And for that I am grateful.

4 Responses to California Condors Video

  1. Thank you for the Condor update. When we have wildfires all across the state like this, poeple don’t realize how many wild animals and birds are displaced. We have had several wildfires up here in northern California and we are seeing many more wildlife in our area because we were lucky enough to be away from the danger.

  2. Thanks Larry for your kind words and recognition of the importance of wildlife and the connection they have to wildfires. We all share the planet. Watch for another update soon.

  3. The fires in Big Sur, California where far more devasting than people who do not live there can image. Visit the Web site to see video of the devastation and to see the condor field biologists discuss how they saved this species.

  4. Thanks Yadira for bringing this to our attention. I live in Alabama and have seen hurricane devastation beyond imagination and have in past years hiked through forest lands in the Sierras. The fire smell stays for years.

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