Cedar Waxwings on a High

Twittering in and out of the branches of a tall cherry tree, about 25 cedar waxwings feasted at my place the other day. I imagine the cherries were fermented because the birds would fly in to eat and then fly out doing circles and fancy moves like bees giving directions. Then they zipped back to the treetops for more cherries.

They made a lot of cedar waxwing “noise” as they ate the last of the season’s crop in the tree tops. I tried to remember when was the last time I saw them performing like that. It was at the edge of a field, like my place is, at Fort Necessity National Battlefield at twilight, many years ago. My field is not far east of Fort Necessity, still in Wharton Township, PA. And this sighting was in the early morning light.

I like to think they flew to the next ridge for their next feeding there.

Cedar Waxwing

Cedar Waxwing

I heard the keening of a hawk and before I could see it, the cedar waxwings had vanished. That is a great way to start my day on a mountaintop in PA.

Later, the cedar waxwings were quietly feeding on the other side of the field in the treetops. Soaring overhead were 5 turkey vultures at a high altitude. Between the cedar waxwings and the vultures there were 3 buteo hawks, too far away for me to identify.

I had a fantastic day with my aerial neighbors.

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