Christmas Bird Count Is Coming

Are you ready for your participation in the Annual Christmas Bird Count?

The Audubon Society has an annual Christmas Bird Count and has had one for more than 100 years.
In the old days, the birds had to be CAPTURED. Now they are seen and heard and photographed. This is a much more sane approach to bird conservation.

You can participate even if you are a brand new bird-watcher trying out your new bird binoculars!

Three things for you to note here.
1. Register ahead of time to get involved with a count near your location.

2. Be prepared with your bird binoculars in good condition and your latest or most favorite birding guide.

3. Dress for the weather! Be prepared.

Now if you have NO CLUE what I am talking about here, the time period for the Christmas Bird count runs from Dec 14th to January 5th. You can be a backyard birder or a professional. You can be on a team of experienced birders, depending on your location.

What is the purpose? It links Science and people in a very proactive way. People Collect data and it is analyzed for getting a better understanding of the health of the bird populations AND the health of the planet.

Here are two samples of that kind of data. This is about the American Kestrel, a terrific little hawk.

And this is an overview of how the Christmas Bird Count (CBC) helps birds and in the long run, helps people.

So clean your binoculars and make sure the straps are sturdy. Refresh your memory about which birds are found in your region and go forth to bird this season as part of a science team gathering vital data about birds in your locale.

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