Condor Mania is Here

Condor Gear is Here

Wear your passion for Condors. Let your gear speak out loud and clear for endangered species. Display California Condor Art at your home or office.

Purchases made from this PAGE will result in a 10% donation

to support Conservation Research for Condors

You may never get to see a California Condor in the Wild. But a friend of mine did recently. It was sad to see so few of these beautiful and odd birds. But perhaps their critically endangered status is simply one more step that they are taking towards extinction. And perhaps those steps began long before you and I came on the scene. Historically their favored food was giant wooley mammoths and there are not very many of those on the scene anymore either!

See more about the California Condors here. Or at these sites shared by other Condor Lovers Or at this Odd Birds Site.

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3 Responses to Condor Mania is Here

  1. Although the California condor is still an endangered species, the recovery of this bird has hit a major milestone. Today there are more than California condors and for the first time in decades there are more birds flying free than in zoos. Thanks to the efforts of the entire California Condor Recovery Program your chances of seeing a wild condor is much more likely today. In fact, we receive many reports of sightings in the Grand Canyon and in Big Sur, Calif. Visit to learn more about this fascinating species.

  2. Yes. I appreciate your efforts in the field and strongly support the work to rebuild California Condor populations. thanks for your updates and condors. A friend of mine was on vacation and saw 9 condors one afternoon much to his delight.

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