Did You See the Nature Show on Nova Last Night?

Nature on Nova on Public TV had a delightful show on DUCKs.

I know I can sit in the woods and listen and watch ducks and all sorts  of waterfowl, but I was not sure I could sit in the living room and just watch a year in the life of a family of wood ducks.

It was fantastic. Excellent photography and music. The narration was sheer poetry.

The ducks were charming, funny, REAL, clumsy. While we followed the wood duck family around through their migration and courtship and complete life cycle, we also were introduced to a multitude of other ducks from dabblers to divers to open sea ducks.

Remarkable filming of underwater swimming, diving and flying ducks.

Look for it if you can.  There is also a Torrent Duck that lives in WHITE WATER in the Andes.

I am testing this theme and will see if I can add photos. Bear with me while I bring this site back up to where it belongs, at the top of the list.

By the way. Who else can identify the background photo? Have you been there? I have. I love it.


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