Falcons Fight in Flight Video

What does a Falcon think? I wonder.

Food, Shelter, Water, TERRITORY.

Seem to be important themes. I thought of them when I saw this video.

I must get a camera.  And then of course be in the right place at the right time with my binoculars and digital video camera.

It made me think of the Red Tail Hawk and Eagle chase I saw last fall.

Honestly there is SO much happening in the natural world around us it is hard to imagine a DULL day!
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7 Responses to Falcons Fight in Flight Video

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  2. “Honestly there is SO much happening in the natural world…” How true. As a guide I can remember how often I used the words “this is the first time I have ever seen that!” and meant it. Guests would often reply with something like “yeah, you are lucky to be taking us out, we always see interesting things…” But honestly, it happens all the time. If you are out in Nature and keep your eyes open, you will see amazing things!

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  4. Yes, Vernon, we have wonders around us all the time. Even in the cities. Please see my Birding Guides site and let me know if you wish to participate there too.

  5. Great, thanks, I’ll have a good look at it.

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  7. The ability of taking a professional quality set of binoculars and combining them with a fine digital camera will open amazingly new vistas for nature lovers, hikers, professionals et al.

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