Oh My Goodness January 12th

I missed my New Year’s day annual ritual of a long and sometimes freezing bird walk. It was chilly here in Alabama, but I did not get to the Tennessee River which was near flood stage.
I have seen LOTS of neat birds but not taken time to write about them, other areas of my online business are calling me during an online marketer pre-launch.

If you are a marketer please do take a look, the launch is Jan. 13th at noon http://dobirds.webprosperity.com
It is a unique hybrid of mlm distribution and internet marketing tools in a well orchestrated suite. It is a money saver and a residual income builder.
Just thought I would mention it here in case some of my birding friends are also looking for second incomes in these tough economic times.

Meanwhile, other family things have interfered with getting my next binocular reviews out to you, I apologize.

My sister got RUN OVER BY A BIG DOG. That is not a joke. She broke her back on the pavement and has been recovering at my house for 6 weeks. Mom had a tumble but did not break any of her 93 year old bones. One rainy night I wrenched my back going out the ramp to the patio, slipped, almost fell and essentially RAN (holding injured cat)into ankle deep water. LOTS of rain and flooding here. Poor dear cat ran out of dry places in her protected shelter and climbed up on a box on top of the table. Meanwhile, the dishwasher broke down and that involved lots of deconstruction of the cabinets and installation of new ones(the one that died was a 30 year old portable one that my sister inherited!)

So… Lots happening, but not all of it is birds or binoculars.

People tell me that blog readers want to get to know you, so tellĀ  stories of your life adventures. Here is a current one!

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