OK Where do other Birders go online for BIRD Identification?

I was on a trip mostly high speed roads and did not stop to ID the endless hawks that I saw out that day.

Most were red-tailed hawks. I saw LOTS of Turkey vultures and crows and RAVENS feeding on dead deer along the road side.

I also saw 2 magnificent hawks I could not recognize at high speed and could not stop just then.

My book was buried in my trunk and I have been at meetings so I haven’t identified them yet.

One had a bright rufous chest and grayish back and blackish head, about the size of red-tail.
The other had its back to me and had an alert or startled posture all tightened up, so what I noticed was black and white feathers and a DISTINCTIVE white and Black eye stripe pattern.

What surprised me was how I had trouble finding a GOOD online BIRD ID site. Lots of great hawk and birds of prey info, but can anyone point me to a good – really good- online Bird ID that includes hawks and other raptors?

Thanks folks. I ran out of time and could not look through pages of flicker photos.

Have a great birding day. This one should be good for me too.

Do your bird watcher shopping HERE.

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