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Astronomy For Kids

Cost can be a prohibitive factor in many interests but not star gazing when in the beginning it doesn’t have to cost you a cent – so if you are interested, read on. So now you know that it can be achieved without spending any money, but what exactly do you need so that you can conveniently probe what lies in the Universe which surrounds the earth where we live in? Well to start with a start chart is an absolute necessity and this is easily obtainable from a book on astronomy or even astrology. They also come in different formats from very simple ones with a few stars and connecting lines between them to others that look like wheels. Available from planetarium or any observatory, you can get the cheapest of the lot as you only need to get familiar with the brightest star and the rest can be incorporated by yourself.

If you intend to spend any money on a telescope, do not buy a cheap one – it really will be waste of money and won’t help you enjoy your new interest at all. Imagining you buy one of these, the revolution of the earth could make the star vanish from your screen in such high speed that you could completely lose track of it and start your search from where you started. There is no need to be disappointed by this, the star will back the following night so instead of putting the scope away, focus it on another. If you’re ready to buy, a Meade telescope is very good.

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