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Bushnell Binoculars + Bull Elk + Grizzly Truth

YES. Ursus arctos horribilis chasing a huge Cervus elaphus ACROSS a lake.

Observed with my compact Bushnell binoculars.

AWESOME. Yellowstone National Park Lifetime Moment!

Who even knew that Bull Elks and Grizzly Bears could swim so well?

Let me tell you. The Bull Elk outswam that hungry Grizz and ended up grazing on the far side of the lake. Observed in a stunning moment at Riddle Lake late one September afternoon.

Imagine just sitting there eating your lunch on a log and watching this REAL LIFE adventure play out before you.

THAT is what WILDNESS is about.
THAT is why we carry our binoculars with us wherever we go.
THAT is why National Parks were created “for all to enjoy”.

Who knew that a grizzly bear would attempt to take down a bull elk for a meal?

But then, Who Else COULD? Maybe a pack of Wolves.

And to be there with my trusty compact Bushnell binoculars could be the only improvement. You see the last time I visited, we swapped binoculars for a day. And mine stayed behind for this adventure. Of course I still have binoculars, I simply was not with my Bushnells while they had this adventure! I simply listened as it was told.

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