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Bird Binoculars for This Fall Trip

Bird Binoculars and bird guides are tops on my list now as I prepare for a short camping trip. I forgot them once and ONLY once ever.
As part of this autumn trip I will take a long drive through some fabulous fall colors in the Great Smoky Mountains and then along the Blue Ridge Drive and through West Virginia where I have some really favorite State Parks for camping. And then on to the western front of the Allegheny Mountain range in Pennsylvania. I look forward to this trip. I used to live there, in each of these areas.

And it is a lot like a homecoming for me to check out favorite birding locations. Having spent years in the field, I know where to look for some bald eagle nesting areas, great blue heron rookeries and it is a good time to be in the mountains to watch for fall migrations.

I carry in my car a compact pair of binoculars for handy roadside viewing when I have a lot of driving to do. They are Bushnell 8X25 from quite a while ago when I first started using compact binoculars for field work. For my camping time I will use a spotting scope which is also made by Bushnell, actually. Though I had not thought of this before now. I guess the photography shop where I bought my scope and binoculars liked Bushnell products in particular.

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