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California Condor Chick Takes Flight

California Condor Chick Fledges in San Benito County!

At about 6 months of age this Condor Chick has reached almost the same size as the adult condors but with a lot less muscle and power.  It still lingers near the nest and must be cared for by the adoptive adult parents.  These giant birds normally have long lives so it is quite reasonable to see a long 6 month stretch before the single hatchling takes its first flight.

Young California Condor prepares for flight

All of the activities of these Condors have been observed by wildlife biologists and this sighting was rather exciting.  More on this story see this article. You will find several posts related to Condors at this site, listed below.

As some of you know I am an avid Condor enthusiast and feel their plight quite personally. As a consequence, I celebrate moments like this with great delight. You may enjoy the tiny Condor-Mania Outlet I prepared to accompany this update.

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