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Leupold Golden Ring Binoculars -Are They Really That Great?

I have to ask you if Leupold Golden Ring Binoculars – are they all they seem to be?

Recently I shared about my favored Leupold Katmai Compact Binoculars, so you know I have a preference for compacts.   These are 10X32.  So they are a little larger, weigh a little more and have more magnification and more field of vision than the compacts do.

Remember what the numbers mean? The 10X means you see the object 10 times the size it is. The 32 means the size of the lens opening,  32 mm. You can see more about what these numbers mean here.

Gold Ring Binoculars YES.

Made in America. That is nice. I have heard birders discussing how that is a genuine sales feature because so many binoculars are made in in Europe.  I guess there is a bit of pride in having good optics here too.

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