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Pentax Binoculars for Birding

Who makes them: Pentax declares at its website that it has everything possible in the world of binoculars from ultra stylish and compact to sturdy and rugged and durable, all of which have a superb no worry warranty go accompany them. The Pentax website also provides a selection tool to help you navigate through the choices that are available. That is a nice feature. Generally Pentax binoculars are not as costly as Nikon but very fine binoculars for the every day birder.

Who uses them: Field birdwatchers often choose a small or compact model of bird binoculars that are easy to carry and handle. That is my preference and experience, though I have never owned a Pentax.

What are they like: The Pentax Papilios model is a very popular compact one. These binoculars are very lightweight,around 10 ounces, and at their compact 2 inch folded size they fit your pocket well.Â

What are their Special Features: These are super wonderful for butterfly watchers. They are affordable and work well in daylight and dry conditions. They use a reverse porro prism design that provides clarity. The extra flexibility that the separately movable eyepieces (oculars) offer is a real plus. Their focus range is as close as 18 inches and that is one reason many people like them. This model is equally well suited for birding, butterfly watching and for sports or music events.Â