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Stokes Bird Binoculars Review

You know a type of binoculars is very good for birding when people begin to compare others to that brand or model and the name is recognized wherever you go.

For example, most reviews include the Nikon Monarch 10×42 as a standard for comparison because they are good and so many people use them.

This is also true for the Stokes DLS bird binoculars which are really appreciated by so many birders. The model that is favored is DSL 8X42. And it is easy to see why when you try them out.

Applying the same format for reviews as before

  • Who makes them: Stokes Binoculars are named for Don and Lillian Stokes who are renowned birders who have written many field guides. The binoculars are made by Vortex Optics since the 1980′s in Wisconsin. Vortex is considered to be a premier manufacturer of quality optical instruments for outdoor use.

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