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Swarovski Spotting Scope Video

Spotting Scopes are sometimes essential to see beyond the distance  your binoculars can reach. I use a tripod with my Bushnell spotting scope for balance when I want to see across the lake.One drawback to Spotting Scopes has always been their size and extra weight.

So what is a spotting scope?

Essentially a spotting scope is like a portable telescope for on the ground in the field use, mostly for wildlife observation. Though it functions more like binoculars than like a telescope in terms of its lenses and their function. It simply “sees” farther out, like 20x instead of 10x or higher.

Count on Swarovski to cut right through that and come out with a design that is not only excellent but suitable and lightweight enough to take with you on a backpacking trip.

Absolutely a  Swarovski Spotting Scope is next on my wishlist.
Take a CLOSER Look at the Magnesium alloy body here.
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THEN YOU can Write a review on how well it works. It sounds ideal to me.

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