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Just a Few Tips for Choosing Bird Binoculars

This is just a beginning of with a few tips for choosing Bird Binoculars.

Once you understand how you want to use your binoculars it will be easier to choose the best binoculars to meet that purpose.

For example:

  • If you want long distance viewing… like across vast expanses of ocean…
    Then you need bird binoculars with a higher power or magnification.
    That is the number in front of the X.
  • If you want lightweight binoculars for field work like I did…
    Then you want smaller bird binoculars like compact or pocket size.
  • If you want bird binoculars mostly for watching backyard birds that are nearby…
    Then you want binoculars with a wider field of vision and a lower power will be fine.
  • If you want binoculars to perform well in low light like at dusk or dawn…
    Then you want bird binoculars that have a larger opening (aperture).
    That is the number after the X.
  • If you want binoculars to be sturdy enough for your child to use…Â Then you want waterproof and rubber armored binoculars or an inexpensive model that can be easily replaced.

If this is too simplistic for you, perhaps you have your own tips for choosing birding binoculars.

Of course there are always more guidelines to help with the decisions. Please share your tips too.