Thanksgiving Birds

This is the time of Thanksgiving in America.

In 1863 President Abraham Lincoln established a national holiday for Americans to take time to express their gratitude for the many freedoms and gifts and blessings that we have.

That has become our Thanksgiving holiday. Pilgrims in 1620 celebrated a harvest feast even after a year of exceedingly difficult colonization and settling. Turkeys and other game birds were believed to be part of the feast, along with fish and venison and a wide variety of vegetables from the harvest- which actually was quite paltry due to a drought.

Nonetheless. This weekend we celebrate Thanksgiving. I with you and your families all the best and I am thankful for your friendship and support through this year of many challenges.

Birds seems to fly by challenges. Yet that is an illusion. They are predator and prey. And their hardships are more than most of us could imagine in our everyday lives.  So be thankful for what is.

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