Wild Bird Feeding Season

Yes, it is wild bird feeding season again.  And I am just finished cleaning my bird feeder.   I noticed a crack, so I will need to purchase a new one before long. If the seed gets wet it will rot or sprout in the feeder and that is no way to feed the birds.

In preparation for this season I have made an alliance with some new companies. I hope you will find what you need to feed your birds and enj0y your backyard birding whether you are in the north or the south.

One company I have become an affiliate* of is the Perky Pet people who have their main site at birdfeeders.com.  You will see their general links and banners below. Watch for some posts about their products and specials in the near future.

BirdFeeders.com - Click Here!

Perky Pet Special – Squirrel Proof Feeders Now 20% Off!

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Perky Pet Squirrel Be Gone II Home Style Wild Bird Feeder

Perky Pet Squirrel Be Gone II Home Style Wild Bird Feeder

This innovative squirrel proof feeder keeps squirrels from raiding the birdseed. The home style appearance of this delightful feeder will attract birds, and birdwatchers, too! The Perky Pet Squirrel Be Gone II wild bird feeder features a weight activated perch bar that closes to prevent squirrels from accessing the seed supply. Adjustable springs can be calibrated to accommodate different birds sizes and keep away nuisance birds as well as squirrels.

Perky Pet Squirrel Be Gone II Home Style Wild Bird Feeder

* What does it mean to be an affiliate? It means if you buy something from this site, you will be helping support the work I do. I get a nominal commission from the company. Thank you. Please look around and be generous.

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